WS2812 LED Strip 5V LED RGB controller WS2811 LED Strip 12V

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1. RF Remote control,long distance,mini size,wire connection is simple and very easy to use;
2. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED-DRIVER-IC ;(Can be customized)
3. With 300 kinds of patterns,which are vivid and beautiful;
4. Each controller can control up to 2048 pixels;
5. With user setting saving functionality;
6. Brightness adjustable.
7. Preventing reverse connection of power supply.
8. Very easy to connect, just connect with the strips and power supply.

Voltage: 5V, 12V
Suitable for IC model: WS2812(included WS2812B), WS2811
Application: WS2812 WS2811 LED RGB strip
About remote controler
key functions:
ON / OFF control light on/off
NUM + Increase the number of points for each segment
MODE + Forward selection pattern effect
NUM- Reduce the number of points for each segment
MODE- Backward selection pattern effect
SEC + Increase the number of segments
SPEED + Accelerate the effect of running speed
SEC- Reduce the number of segments
SPEED- The effect of slowing down the speed of running
MATCH Remote control and receiver pair
AUTO Automatic cycle run all pattern effect

Receiving Controller¡êo
Can be customized to support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED-DRIVER-IC.
The receiver controller has two kinds of working voltage :5V-supply-voltage or 12V-supply-voltage.
Cautions: Please make sure the power supply voltage is match to your controller before you power it.
Note: The strip in the picture is not included, it is just for reference.
Package includes:
Package includes:
1X 5V or 12V RF WS2812 WS2811 LED RGB strip Controller¡ꡧCR2025 Battery not included¡ê

XS 0-2 32/33 24/25 34/35
S 4-6 34/35 26/27 36/37
M 8-10 36/37 28/29 38/39
L 12-14 38/40 30/32 41/42
XL 16-18 40/42 34/36 44
2XL 20 44/45 38/40 46