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Ultra HD HDMI Cable v2.0 High Speed With Ethernet HDTV 3D 2160p LED Gold ARC 4K

Ultra HD HDMI Cable v2.0 High Speed With Ethernet HDTV 3D 2160p LED Gold ARC 4K

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Braided Ultra HD Standard High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet HDTV 2160p 4K 3D Gold Chrome

Premium quality braided HDMI cables with full metal hoods and gold plated connectors. The cables are Ver 2.0 Full HD specification. This is the latest specification. The cables are suitable for UltraHD and 3D.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface for use with DVD players, digital television (DTV) players, set-top boxes, and other audio visual devices. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video plus standard to multi-channel surround-sound audio.

Connections: 19pins Male - 19pins Male Gold
Compliant with HDMI versions 2.0, 1.4 and v1.3
Lengths Available: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m
Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality.
Compatible with all devices using 18 or 19pin HDMI ports: HDTV, Sony PS4, X Box, Sky HD box, HD-DVD recorders/players, Blu-ray Other Set Top Boxes, Video Monitors, Projectors, LCD and PLASMA TV ¡¥s etc
0awg, OD 7.3mm
HDMI Ethernet Channel ¡§C Connects devices through display to internet.
Audio Return Channel ¡§C Connects your home theatre system to display via one cable
3D Support ¡§C Enhance your visual experience with 3D enabled media
4K Support ¡§C Supports resolutions up to 4k x 2k for crisp and clear images
Stylish chrome effect metal connectors with nylon braided skin.


1* HDMI Cable

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