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Pet Dog Winter Warm Fleece Clothes Costume Jacket Coat Hoodie Hooded Sweater

Pet Dog Winter Warm Fleece Clothes Costume Jacket Coat Hoodie Hooded Sweater

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Pet Dog Cat Shirt Puppy Winter Warm Clothes Sweater Costume Jacket Coat Apparel

Eight reasons to wear clothes for dogs
1, you are a taste and love of fashion people, to put on your dog clothes and dress coordination, better reflect the owner's taste and love of the dog.

2, the dog's skin is more sensitive after cutting short hair in summer, the dog's skin is more likely to be sunburn or stabbed, appropriate to the baby to
wear breathable good summer, can help the dog to protect the skin, And dogs do not feel hot.

3, To open air conditioning for the long time in the summer, the floor was cold, to avoid the puppy cool to the stomach and diarrhea or cold catch cold.

4, you want the dog's hair longer, for the dog after shaving the hair, you need to put on the dog to wear comfortable cotton clothes.

5, the dog in the hair-changing season, the dog's hair is losing more seriously, to wear clothes to reduce the relative extent of hair at home.

6, the dog in the park or play on the grass when it will be stained with a lot of grass and sundries for the dog to wear clothes to avoid stained with these things.

7, the dog sometimes drooling, to the dog wearing clothes, you can avoid the dog's saliva flow to it, stained hairy.

8, the last is the cold weather, in the winter for the dog to wear clothes, that is beautiful and warm.

Material:100% Cotton

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