EDLPE is legit or scam?

That’s an easy question to answer: EDLPE is a legit B2B online wholesale market! Reading this article, you will get the following information:

  • Why would someone doubt that EDLPE is a scam during COVID-19?

  • Why EDLPE can protect the safety of your order?

  • Show Real Production line in factory

EDLPE is a B2B online wholesale market that created in the China, mainly business in online wholesale services of fashion tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, jeans, jumpsuit, etc of women, men, and kids.

In EDLPE, we suggest you have the samples first to have a test run. if you want order more or custom your own style, let's talk more. Please contact us.

 Why would someone doubt that EDLPE is a scam during COVID-19?

Recently, affected by COVID-19, the order processing and delivery cycle has been extended compared to the normal period, and some users do not know much about the actual situation, so they doubt the EDLPE services. The doubt mainly focuses on the following situations.

Why my order is not shipped after payment?

  1. Affected by COVID-19, most of the factories cooperate with EDLPE have not 100% resumed production, they need more time to produce or prepare the products you purchased.

  2. EDLPE upgraded the stricter quality inspection. During COVID-19, everything became chaotic. In order to ensure the quality of your products, EDLPE has adopted stricter quality inspection and packaging standards, which means that it will be spending more time on order processing.

  3. Logistics companies such as DHL/UPS are experiencing large-scale paralysis during COVID-19. There are too many packages to be shipped. All packages now need to be queued and taken in the logistics companies. For your packages to be shipped normally, EDLPE makes the greatest efforts every day.

Why my packages are so slow after shipped from EDLPE?

  1. Fewer international cargo flights and worse shipping capacity. DHL, UPS, and other logistics companies have adjusted shipping time and shipping prices to cope with large-scale logistics paralysis worldwide.

  2. Packages need to be queued up at the logistics company, queued up to enter the warehouse, queued up for shipped.

  3. Customs Clearance in various countries has become more complicated. Governments have strengthened inspections of customs clearance during COVID-19 it also extended the shipping time to some extent.

  4. The warehouse is full of packages of local logistics companies, packages need to be queued for delivery to you.

Why EDLPE can protect the safety of your order?

Safe Payment System

EDLPE payment system is powered by PayPal. Therefore, you can enjoy the same safe payment system as Facebook/Amazon/Wish and other well-known platforms when purchasing in EDLPE.

Cooperation with DHL, UPS and other world-renowned logistics companies

EDLPE is the major customer of local DHL and UPS. Cooperate with world-renowned logistics companies to ensure the reliability and safety of packages shipping and delivery.

Provide 30-days free After-Sales Service

EDLPE provides free after-sales service for up to 30 days to ensure the best interests of wholesalers, retailers, and resellers. (Starting with the date of the signed off the order from the logistics company.) 

After all, you have got the answer yourself.

Is it EDLPE a legit? Yes, it is legit!

Is EDLPE a scam? No, it isn’t!

Is EDLPE safe? Yes, it is safe!

EDLPE always aims to be the best online wholesale market for wholesalers, retailers, and resellers. In the past few years, we have successfully provided quality services to 10,000+ wholesalers and retailers, our customers are all over the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Europe, and many other countries or regions. In the future, EDLPE will strive to do better!

Show Real Production line in factory

We suggest you have the samples first to have a test run. if you want order more or custom your own style, let's talk more. Please contact us.
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